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Therapy, Psychotherapy, Couple Therapy, Sexual Therapy ja Professional Guidance


You can come and meet me alone, with your partner or with that person who is important and close to You or even with your pet.

Iam therapist who faces every client and patient individually and then chooses witch tools to use from wide therapy field. Iam qualified to use techniques such as psychodynamic therapy, thrauma therapy, solution focused therapy or gestalt therapy.

Iam qualified psychotherapist ja sexual and couple therapist. I have also studied art therapy use as treatment with traumas and other techniques for physical therapy prosessing.

I will work with you either face to face, using Skype or using emails.


I offer short and long term psychotherapy and also even one time consultations.

You can come for therapy as self paying client or using promissery note from KELA for rehabilitating psychotherapy.

I have experience of working with clients and couples who are facing all sort of challenges, crises and/or mental health problems.

We can either work face to face, via Skype or using emails.


In couple therapy we start finding together answers, solutions and understanding using open dialog and sharing to those questions that couple brings to therapy sessions.

Different kind of life crisis or hard phases of life can feel like situations that are impossible to cope together as a couple but when processing it with therapist you will always find new point of views and new paths to choose from.

Sometimes couple therapy starts from individual sessions when other part of couple comes to meet me and after that we can continue to working together if wanted.

We can either work face to face, using Skype or using emails.


In field of sexual therapy Iam specialized on treatment of sexual traumas and sexual paraphilias.

I have many years experience of treatment of sexual traumas likewise paraphilias. During my professional career I have worked in many different units like Psychiatric Out Patient Clinic, Prison and also my own Private Practise.

We can either work face to face, using Skype or emails.

Specially with people with paraphilias I have worked using skype and emails, even anonymously what is been highly liked and used way of working.


 I offer professional guidance to therapist, counselors and all other professionals.

I have been working in number of different kind of units and professional fields and I have experience of many different kind of work communities. Because of that I can offer new point of views, solutions for challenging situations and help looking for new fresh thoughts and possibilitys.

At the moment most of my clients works with me using Skype. We can work face to face in my office or I can travel to meet you. Consultations are possible to do using email.

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