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 Pilates is help and answer to many different kind of physical challenges and problems. Pilates is also exellent possibility for better fit and health for person's with normal health who want to find better physical and mental state.

When I start working with new client I always do a posture analysis and after that I desing individually Pilates class to that particular client. After that we will decide how often we will meet and work together.

I usually offer my services to individuals and/or small groups in my studio but also travel to you if needed.

I also offer pilates teaching using skype.

Pilates Retreat

 I organize Pilates retreats to individuals or small groups to Malawi. All retrits are always planned to every group individually and wishes and hopes are noticed.

We will also orgineze other activities and trips like safari in National park, kayaking, hiking, cycling trips and visits to local culture happenings. We can also offer mindfulness and meditation sessions, Reiki - treatments and massage and Dorn Method - treatments done by professional massage therapist.

It is also possible to have intensive, breaf therapy either as individual or couple during the retreat.

Pilates retreats are kept in Cape Maclear, fishing village called Chembe. In the village there is plenty of different accommadation possibilities where to choose from such as hotels, self contained houses are possibly to rent or stay in high class lodges.

Having Pilates retreatt in natural beauty surrounding under hot Malawi sun will be unforgetable experience.

You will also notice that doing Pilates in hot weather will also feel different in your body, smoother and also your metabolism will works better in heat.

Contact me to ask for more!

Lets plann together retreat and trip to Malawi to you or your group that you will never forget.