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Kaisaeleonoora Juha

Kaisaeleonoora Juha

Psychotherapist (Valvira, KELA),  Sexual Therapist, Couple Therapist, Bachelour of Nursing, Pilatesteacher (Conscious Movement* Education)

 Iam Bachelor of Nursing and before started my therapist studies I work in Infection diseases department, as HIV - nurse, in prisons clinic and in Asylum seekers center with people who were victoms of torture and sexual violence.

When I started my psychotherapy studies I was working as psychiatric nurse and realized that therapy field is that where I want to mainly work. Then I started to study and get more and more expertise and knowledge of treatment of mental problems and traumas. Sexual therapy studies I did start already when I was still working in prison.

I have said many times to my clients and patienst that there is not a thing that we can not try or use in therapy process if its helping excluding illegal actions.

Iam really eager and endlessly interested to hear your story and start explore and analyse it in collaboration with you.


 I get to know Pilates when I got sick and we used Pilates as rehabilitation. During 10 years I rehabilated myself with Pilates and learned how Pilates can really offer possibility to feel better physically and also emotionally.

I have studied as Pilates teacher in Malawi and South Africa. On top of that I have worked in Finland with many different Pilates Teacher and instructors during past years.

I believe that human being is mental, physical and spiritual wholeness and because of that to me its really important to face my clients and patients whole human beign. Now as professional in therapy field and Pilates teacher I have all needed capability and knowledge to do that.

I study more continuously in both therapy and Pilates fields because I believe that we are never ready or done as professionals. And I just love it that life offers us every day new possibilites to learn and grow!

Send me email and lets think and plann together how I can help you and what way we will work together.

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